E Nude

Swiss Citrons

Gave this still life to my friends Norma and Christian in Swizerland. Hanging in the kichen of their gorgeous house.



Japanese Girl


Colored Nude 1

Little snotty view.

Sitting Nude

That woman is posing in a bad mood. The painting was finished last week.

Apfel Z

This is the picture I am currently working on. Face and upper part looks good yet.


Nude with Palm Tree

Finished that Painting few weeks ago. Like the green and oily look of the skin.

Rabbit & Nude

Cute rabbit.


I gave this picture to my good friend Esther.


This was a Manga-Style painting from four years ago - very cute.

La Strada

One of my older paintings.


Another close up with Manga-Typography.

After the Training

I think the reflection on the green lockers looks great.


Another Painting from last year. Maybe a little kitschy but I like it. Flying over a lake in the Rockies.


What does it mean?

My first Post:
One of my latest paintings. Have the japanese out of an erotic Manga-Book. Would like to know what it means. Maybe you know some Japanese People who can tell me.
Would be great.